Scopes & Outcomes

Educational scopes of the program

To train with a qualified geological engineers who are informed on issues related to geological engineering and basic engineering, reach and questioning knowledge using science and technology ultimately, apply His/her knowledge and skills on geology, understood the importance of country’s natural resources, have ethic of engineering.

To develop the independent and original research ability in undergraduate and graduate programs by encouraging creative idea.

To promote multi-disciplinary teamwork and to gain 4D Earth science education by developing analytical-critical thinking.

To educate students with social awareness in the light of the ethical responsibility against the problems created by Geological Engineering and the protection of public health and safety. In this process, to indoctrinate the habit of lifelong learning and continuous innovation.

To give importance to the university-industry cooperation, to find solutions to the problems of the industry, to conduct research national and international level by sharing knowledge and experience.

To implement gained theoretical and practical information, knowledge, experience and skills each step of the professional life and geology engineering processes.


Program Outcomes

To be able to use the basic and engineering knowledge

To apply by designing solutions to geological problems with scientific equipment and the analysis and interpretation of results

Feasibility of an interdisciplinary group work and setting different approaches to the problems

Ensuring the effective communication

Updating one's own knowledge to follow developments and using current knowledge effectively

Using required current techniques and tools in geological studies by following technological developments.

3-dimensonal imaging, analyzing and synthesizing by establishing event-effect relationship.

Searching natural resources and natural events and presenting the data obtained in written and / or oral

Understanding the state of the global and societal effects of geological studies

Made ​​available geological information and data to other engineering fields